Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wu Long Tea

Did you hear of wu long tea before?

wulong tea was orignated from China and it has been brought to the whole world now. This tea sometime will be classified as a type of traditional Chinese tea which it normally serves as one of the main beverage in Chinese restaurant.

Wu long tea good for blood circulation and digestion. Some people using it for weight loss purposes. There were many places in China produced this tea but main area was originated from Yun Nam, a place that cool fresh ideal biological growing environment for this tea plant.

The tea leaves for wu long tea has been fried after they have picked it from the tea plant. Traditionally they fried it with hand but now all work has been taken by machine. Mass production has been practiced to cater for the demand from world wide.

Wulong tea can be consume in its original tea beverage itelf or has been transform in many other products like wu long tea biscuit, cake, snacks. Many restaurants using wu long tea to create some delicious dishes. The universal taste of this chinese tea can be accepted worldwide.

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